September Charity

Our charity of the month for September is the Children's Book Bank. This local organization collects, cleans, and distributes bundles of books to children in the Portland area promoting literacy and education. Here are the most needed types of new and gently used books:

Board books, picture books, alphabet books, books about numbers, colors, animals, shapes and words, story books, rhyming books, Dr. Seuss books, multicultural books and books in Spanish are greatly needed.  Chapter books for elementary school students are also appreciated.

Warm Up & Cool Down

No, that's not a clever way to discuss the current weather patterns in Portland. Warming up prior to you work out or exercise routine and cooling down after are just as important as your activity. 

Warming up increases the temperature of your muscles for increased flexibility and mobility. It also dilates your blood vessels to increase oxygen flow throughout the body. A warm up slowly raises your heart rate and reduces stress on your heart. When you include a stretch in your warm up you increase range of motion and mobility in your joints preventing injury. Warm up for at least 5-10 minutes doing a similar activity to the one you have planned (walk before a run). 

Cooling down allows your heart rate to come down gradually and your blood vessels to contract so you don't pass out or feel sick. Including a stretch in your cool down will help the build up of lactic acid (known for soreness and stiffness) in your muscles. Hold each stretch for 15-30 seconds and don't bounce. 

Including these in your summer activities will help improve your overall health. 

Gardening Can Be Hard on Your Body

Spring is a great time to get outside and garden. But the bending and lifting can be hard on your body. Make sure that you stretch and warm up prior to getting in the garden! Here are some great stretches for the garden:

- Stand and balance yourself on one foot. Grab your ankle from behind and pull your heel towards your buttocks. Hold the stretch for at least 30 seconds. Release and switch legs. 

- Weave your fingers together and press your palms towards the sky. Lean to one side and then slowly to the other. Hold for at least 15 seconds on each side. 

- Put your arms around yourself and "hug" yourself. Rotate back and forth to each side slowly. 

- Finally, chiropractic care can help! 

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