Rainy Weather Can't Get Us Down

Well, it seems like fall is here and the rainy weather has started. Don’t get discouraged and give up on your exercise routine! It’s important to keep your muscles stretched and working throughout the year to avoid injury. Here are some great options to keep up your fitness routine as the weather starts to turn:

- Get some rain gear and go running/ walking/ jogging in the rain. It’s not too cold yet and this is a fun way to enjoy the drizzle.

- Take an exercise class. We have lots of fun options in Portland including aerial arts, pole dancing, Pilates, Lagree, and yoga to name a few.

- Find a YouTube exercise channel and follow along at home. (Don’t forget to foam roll).

- Go out dancing! We have lots of great dance halls and clubs in Portland. Get out there and shake it!

- And lastly, stretch! Instead of sitting on the sofa while catching up on Fall TV, stretch it out on the floor or standing up.