Do you suffer from chronic headaches? Chiropractic can help!

If you suffer from chronic headaches, you are not alone. Experts estimate that 50% of adults experience recurrent headaches. Headaches can cause personal suffering, and decreased quality of life, and especially when chronic can even lead to disability. The Global Burden of Disease Study found headache disorders to be the third highest cause worldwide of years lost due to disability.

To treat their chronic headaches, most people take common over-the-counter pain-relief medications, however chronic use of these medications have significant risks of heart attack and stroke. Fortunately, headache suffers can find effective and long-term relief with treatment from a chiropractic doctor.

The most common type of headache is Tension-type Headache which is caused by muscle tension or musculoskeletal problems in the neck and spine, and affects 70% of some populations. That means chiropractic spinal manipulation that helps relieve neck pain and tension can go a long way to relieve headache pain. Chiropractors can also provide advice on posture and prescribe physical adjustments lifestyle adjustments for the patient, treating the root cause of neck pain and tension. In this way chiropractic treatment can help actually prevent future headaches and stop the cycle of chronic pain, rather than simply masking the symptoms. Patients have reported that they are able to eliminate pain medication, and remain headache-free for years after only a few months of chiropractic treatments.

Other natural ways your chiropractor may help you prevent headaches and reduce headache-related pain include:

  • Drinking adequate water every day to help avoid dehydration, which has been associated with headaches.

  • Taking frequent breaks to stretch your neck and shoulders during the day, especially if you have a desk job that keeps you in a fixed position

  • Performing low-impact exercise such as walking to help relieve headache pain.

  • Avoiding clenching your teeth, which can stress the joints that connect your jaw to your skull and lead to headaches.

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