Calm Mind, Healthy Body


It is challenging to eat well and have the energy to accomplish our goals if our hormones are out of balance. Likewise, our hormone levels are affected by our diet, sleep patterns, and state of mind. Below are some helpful tips to create a positive mood, stable weight, and increased energy:

*  Ease up on the simple carbs (breads, white pasta, white flour, refined sugars) and gently bump up your tryptophan-rich protein. For vegetarians, protein snacks several times a day might include cottage cheese, nuts & nut butter, cheese, or eggs. Adding colorful veggies and fruits to your meals will release natural sugars into your system more evenly than a quick carby snack.

 Include a daily dose of healthy fats for balancing your mood, such coconut oil, avocado, nut and olive oil.

*  Add B vitamin complex to your daily regimen. B6, in particular, supports the brain’s production of seratonin, melatonin and dopamine, all very necessary hormones for a peaceful state of mind

*  Gentle to moderate exercise each day revs up mood boosting hormones seratonine and dopamine. No time (or money) for the gym? Try adding a yoga, tai chi, or qigong routine during your lunch break to burn calories, relieve stress, strengthen your core muscles and calm the mind.

*  Substitute herbal teas and lemon water for pop and caffeinated ‘power’ drinks. One of my favorite homemade ’soda’ drinks is fresh lemon squeezed into bubbly mineral water with a touch of Stevia, a natural sweetener with 0 calories and safe for diabetics.

*  Make time throughout the day to breathe deep, meditate, pray, or chant/tone. A perfect way to distract the monkey chatter brain, center and ground in the moment, and collect your scattered energies from the sensory- overload world we live in.

*  Before bed give your body a deeply relaxing stretch routine. Find a good book, and dab some pleasant essential oils to your pillow such as vanilla,  lavender, chamomile, wild orange, marjoram, ylang ylang, frankincense, clary sage or whatever appeals to you. Essential oils have an immediate impact on brain chemistry and provide a more comforting sleep state.